Meat Rendering & Nutrient Control

Edible Fats from Meat and Poultry

Modern methods in “wet rendering” are dependent upon the full range of centrifugal technology. The vertical disc separators and decanters form the backbone of every modern fat rendering plant. The meat rendering industry has become one of the central industries served by Hutchison-Hayes manufacturing and repair services.

Decanting Centrifuges

Raw fats coming out of the melt tank are gently introduced to a Hutchison-Hayes model decanter for a two-phase separation of the solids from the liquid. Our decanter can be fine tuned manually, electronically, or hydraulically to fulfill specific parameters to suit each end product and achieve optimum quality in every case. Born in the oil field, the Hutchison-Hayes range of decanters are renowned as heavy-duty, small profile, heavily wear resistant, machines.

Vertical Disc Separators

Once the decanter has split the solids from the liquid, the liquid effluent is sent to vertical disc separators for further separation of the heavy and light liquid phases. Typical examples in the rendering application are stick-water separation, DAF skimmings out of wastewater, Primary and secondary polishing of tallow (edible and inedible), and blood plasma separation.

New FDA regulations regarding the use of tallow derived from cattle material prohibited in animal feed (CMPAF) has become dependent of the use of high G-force centrifuge technology. To get below the mandated .015% insoluble impurities, end-users utilize a single phase disc separator like our SEA-1200.

The following product descriptions are available in PDF format for download:

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