Vertical Centrifuge Separators

Vertical Centrifuge Separators

Separators sometimes called Vertical Centrifuges or Disc stack centrifuges are manufactured in two basic versions:

  1. Vertical Centrifuges based on a solid bowl version, this version will separate the heavy solids but will not eject these while in operation. This version of vertical centrifuge equipment will need to be shutdown and have the solids manually removed.
  2. Vertical Centrifuges based on a self cleaning version, this version has the mechanical means to eject the separated heavy solids and will not require the operator to shutdown the equipment.  The solids ejecting cycle is normally timed by an electronic control panel and can be a full automatic hands-off operation that only needs to be shut down for regular maintenance or inspections.

Vertical Centrifuge Solid Bowl Working Principle:

Separation takes place inside a rotating Bowl, the product is fed in to Bowl through the center inlet and is separated by centrifugal force into its various phases. The heaviest phase, solids, is forced to and deposited at the periphery of the bowl. Separated solids are collected in the space at the periphery of the bowl and must be removed periodically by hand.

The clean light phase is continuously discharged.

The Heavy Phase is also continuously discharged but it’s a flow is restricted by a gravity disc. Proper selection of the gravity disc will set the correct interface position (the boundary between the separated oil and the water seal) .

Vertical Centrifuge Self Cleaning Working Principle:

As with the above, the product is handled in the same matter.

Except for the solids that are collected at the periphery, from where it is discharged intermittently. The solids discharge is achieved by a hydraulic system which at preset intervals forces a sliding bowl bottom (a Piston) to drop down and thus opening the solids ports at the bowl periphery.

The following product descriptions are available in PDF format for download:

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