The Largest Centrifuge Rental Inventory Available

Hutchison Hayes proudly boasts one of the largest ready to deploy centrifuge inventory in the country.  With nearly 100 years of centrifuge design and manufacturing history we offer our customers the ability to lease or rent a centrifuge to meet their immediate needs.  We offer lease purchase and rental options on our decanter centrifuges products.  With a rich history in the oilfield we understand the cycles in the marketplace and have created our centrifuge rental program to meet our customer's needs and budgets.  

Our rental program is not limited to the oilfield, as we have customers in many industries that are using Hutchison Hayes centrifuges for their separation needs.  If your organization is interested in utilizing  proven centrifuge products Hutchison Hayes offers several lease to purchase options to meet your needs.  Hutchison Hayes centrifuge products are currently in operation across many industries including, meat rendering, waste water treatment, chemical processing plants, nutrient control, bio diesel processing, food products such as fish oil and dairy farms.

Typical centrifuge lease to purchase options are 1 to 2 years with a significant portion of the monthly lease fee applied to the agreed upon purchase price.   Purchase can be executed at anytime during the lease period or at the end of the Lease.  Lease contract is not binding to purchase the centrifuge or decanter.  

Minimum contract terms do apply.

We have a ready to lease fleet available of the following machines:

  • 1448 Standard
  • 5500 Standard
  • 5500 Hydraulic

Please contact us for your lease purchase options.

HH1448_Standard HH5500_Standard HH5500_Hydraulic

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